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Hosting is Essential for Your Blog or Website:

So you’ve decided you want to build a website or start a blog. Regardless of your reason for doing so, you’ll need to find a quality web hosting service to host your new online home. While thousands of web hosting companies litter the internet, only Hostgator provides quality services for an affordable monthly price.


Hostgator has one of the strongest reputations in the world for web hosting and domain name registration. They always provide consistent, reliable hosting services with very minimal downtime and offer their customers great technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Consumers who are new to the world of website building will also appreciate the easy-to-use website builder that’s included with the monthly price. Because so many websites and blogs are now built on separate platforms, Hostgator has also allowed its subscribers to easily integrate their WordPress, Drupal or Joomla accounts with their web hosting accounts at Hostgator.

Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth

While websites will experience little traffic at first, as organic marketing begins to set in, traffic will slowly increase.

To account for your increase in traffic, Hostgator offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Unlike other web hosting companies, Hostgator won’t shut down your website when you’ve reached a certain bandwidth cap.

Unlimited disk space also means you will be able to build as many pages as you want, without having to pay any additional charges.

Affordable Pricing

Hostgator offers affordable domain registration and hosting prices that are perfect for any budget size. The basic monthly plans can be purchased for less than a cup of coffee. Hostgator also features a number of dedicated server and virtual private server plans that are more affordable than their closest competitors.


Many WordPress users employ Thesis as the basic layout of their website. Some of your favorite sites might even use Thesis, but just what is it about this theme that so many website owner choose to use it, especially when so many free themes are available?

Even novice users can customize their websites with drag-and-drop tools and the color picker. The Thesis WordPress theme uses a canvas like Blogger, allowing you to rearrange your header, navigation and columns until you see fit. The devs behind the Thesis theme have actually apply for a patent for their color picker; it’s that cool! Even though many people use Thesis, your website doesn’t have to look like the next, and the visual editor means you’ll never have to edit code.

Furthermore, you don’t have to delve into code and make templates if you want to use post types like image, review or recipe. If you already use these types of post, the Thesis theme WordPress offers actually detects custom post types and creates templates for them to use with all of the posts of this type in the future.

Out of the box, the Thesis theme works on a variety of devices. The responsive Thesis WordPress theme looks just as good on your desktop as it does your tablet or smartphone.

The Thesis theme WordPress uses comes with one year of support, so even if this is your first WordPress blog, you’ll have plenty of guidance to teach you the ropes along the way.